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October 12, 2006
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Teen Titans by mystryl-shada Teen Titans by mystryl-shada
Happy 10,000 and 15,000 pageviews! Majority vote this time was for that super-cool super-teen quintet, the Teen Titans!


Again, sorry for the delay with this pic. It was a nightmare to do, especially since Photoshop kept crashing when I tried to save.

The Titans are settling on a rooftop (heck, maybe it's the top of Titan Tower) before a night's work of crime fighting. I tried to mainly keep to my own art style, but hints of the Titans' art style kept slipping in. End result is a kind of mesh of the two styles. Kinda cool.

I've decided that spandex is reeeally annoying to shade. Usually I just use two colors when shading, unless something is shiny (like metal, eyes, and hair). Spandex however, is a shiny matiral, so I ended up having to use three colors to shade most of everything (save the blue cape on Raven and the black on BB; I think his mix of spandex and regular black fabric was pretty cool).

Cyborg. Oh, Cyborg. >_< Probably THE hardest of the Titans to get right. I'm still not sure I pulled him off 100%. I had such a hard time shading his bluish-glassy mech parts, that I just copied the cartoon shading style, and faked the rest. ^_^ It was certainly interesting experimenting with the different kinds of patterns I could make out of blue electric lines. I hope they look decent.

Beast Boy's fun. Again, I like his costume. And I want those boots; those are cool. I don't think there were cuffs on them (or his gloves), but I liked how that looked so I ended up not changing it. His hair was difficult, because I'm not good at drawing short hair. But it worked out. I was amazed at how many shades of green I ended up working with, some different by just a hair (no pun intended, but I'll take it anways, heehee...this IS BB we're talking about after all; a lame joke has to come in SOMEwhere).

Raven's awesome. She's my favorite. Actually, she's nearly everyone's favorite, darn it (I hate following the crowd), but that's probably because she's so cool. Don't get me wrong though; the other four are also seriously cool. Anyways, the way her costume is shaded almost gives it a velvet look to me. I'm not sure if that came off in my shading; I've never been that good at velvet. But if it looks like more shiny spandex, I'll go with that too.

Why did I give Robin that pole? That was a pain. Oh well, he keeps it so it can be a pain to everyone else, so why not me? I'm not sure if the gray on his boots is indicitive of metal or not, but I decided what the hey. It adds even more pain to his blows, as if the pole wasn't bad enough. His costume was the most annoying, as it required the most shiny spandex fabric. I can't tell you how tempted I was to yank off that mask; I've always wondered what he'd look like under that.

Something's weird about Starfire. I had trouble with her in the figure drawing stage; she kept assuming a boyish figure. Huh. She was the easiest to shade. I don't know why; that's just kinda how it turned out. Shrug. I'm not sure if I drew her tall enough though. If Robin stood next to her they'd probably be the same height; she should be taller than he is. Whoops.

LOOK!! A detailed background!! That took more than an hour!! I'm so proud of me! ^_^ Again, all done with vectors, because I must hate myself or something. Some of the bricks look off, but who cares. Maybe the building's mason was careless. Heaven only knows it couldn't be the artist who's careless. ^_~

Teen Titans are copyrighted to Cartoon Network, Time Warner, and DC Comics. They can fight out the rights.
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